Introducing the revolutionary RIB BOARDERTM. The device is a ladder system designed to aid the difficult process of getting out of the water and into a Rigid Hulled inflatable boat (RIB). Originally conceived as a way to help divers gain entry onto a RIB, it has evolved to become the worlds first universal RIB Ladder System. The RIB BOARDERTM is made of Marine Grade Stainless Steel - Light yet sturdy. It requires no maintenance and can be stowed away without taking up any deck-space! For RIB's with common "A" frame types, no drilling or welded brackets are required. For RIB's with no "A" frame, the RIB BoarderTM can be mounted from a transom bracket. In almost all cases the ladder can be mounted on either the port or starboard side of the boat thus avoiding the propeller at the rear. Contact Michael White - Tel: 07932158613   email: © RIB GEARTM 2010  -  Patent Pending Welcome aboard... Easy, Universal Fitting to most “A” Frames Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction Easy, Unaided Access from Water to Boat Light, Strong and Convenient Port or Starboard Mounting Transom Fixing Option The Ladder has several unique features. The design is based around a bi-folding ladder with a suspended jib. The suspended jib design means that the ladder avoids potentially damaging contact with a boats inflatable tubes. With a simple adaptable mounting, that incorporates a quick release fixing mechanism, it means that no tools are required to quickly deploy or stow the ladder. The ladder is easy to use for people with certain disabilities who could not normally get back into a RIB from the water without the help from others. UK diver Roger Becket who has had his left leg amputated above the knee, gained entry to the boat unaided. (See the Gallery page) Similarly, even people with only one good hand can gain entry without the assistance of others. In both cases not having to remove fins! The upper body strength required to gain access to a RIB from the water is also greatly reduced. The open tread design enables persons wearing fins to get into the boat without the hassle of having to remove them in the water.